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Wills and Probate

It is important for every adult, no matter what age, to consider making a will. Where people have young children, it is particularly important that they appoint trustees and guardians to look after their financial and general welfare in the event that they predecease them. Any person considering making a will should consult a solicitor to discuss the content, provisions and how to proceed. A will can then be drawn up and arrangements made to have it executed.

Power of Attorney
In some instances, particularly in cases where a person is a minor or facing incapacity of one kind or other, a Power of Attorney can be established for the future administration of the estate. In such cases, Power of Attorney would be given to a nominated person or persons to act in a legal capacity on their behalf.

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Probate is the term given to the administration of the deceased's estate. Whether a person dies testate, with a will or intestate, without a will, a grant must be issued from the Probate Office in order that legal title of the deceased's estate passes to the next of kin. It is normal practice under Probate Law for the executors of the estate to appoint a solicitor, an accountant or a bank to assist in the administration of the estate.
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