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Landlord & Tenant Issues

The drawing up of residential and commercial leases is normally done through a solicitor. Statutory regulations and terms of leases drawn up between landlords and tenants provide the legal framework in cases where disputes arise. Under the law, it is important that both parties fully understand and comply with their rights and duties under the terms of the lease.

Residential Leases

Residential leases protect both the lessor and the lessee. It protects the landlord's property and the deposit paid by the tenant.


Commercial Leases

Commercial leases are similarly constituted to residential leases. However, it is vitally important that both parties are aware of their legal position in respect of the lease. Normally, the landlord's solicitor will draft the lease, so it is essential that any prospective tenant seeks independent legal advice to ensure they are conversant with their liabilities. In particular, attention should be taken with any stipulations regarding rent renewal, management fees and repair clauses etc.

All commercial leases, like those for the residential sector, provide a contractual framework that includes: provision for rent; insurance; payment for utilities; notice (in the case of termination); agreed usage; rights of access; sub-contracting and compliance with planning regulations.

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